Harry Markowitz Company

1010 Turquoise Street. Suite 245
San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: 858-488-7212


The above address (with a different suite number at first) has been “home base” for Dr. Markowitz’s consulting activities since he moved to San Diego in 1993. In addition to Dr. Markowitz the company has two secretary/administrative associates:

  • Mary Margaret (Midge) McDonald (joined 2001)
  • Lilli Alexander (joined 2014)

Dr. Markowitz is retained by the following clients:

Personal Capital

1st Global Research and Consulting

Acorns Inc.

Gramercy Funds Management


Loring Ward Financial, Inc.

McKinley Capital Management, LLC

Research Affiliates, LLC

SkyView Investment Advisors, LLC

List of Clients: